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GJ Time Machine - Changing the Past

GJ Time Machine - Change the Past?

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Have you ever imagined the past that has happened then dreaming to it?

Well.. Since I was a kid, I used to do it, and I used to wish there was a time machine, or I created it. This idea is not inspired by movies or cartoon, but purely by my own mind. I'm disappointed with doraemon's tool, because the time machine is not change the past, but the past has already been changed by the future.. Whew, I'm confused.. LOL.. yeah people said that is parallel world. What I want is back to the past and changes it, with present knowledge.

One day, I was daydreaming about the future, how beautiful the wedding, family, and so forth. It was like I went into the future.

In that future, I imagine I'm daydreaming about the past.

"Phew.. Having a family is not easy.. I miss the past.. those times when I went to college, learning difficult things, together with friends, and many other fun things to be grateful "

and then I realized .. THE PAST IS NOW ..

That day, I would take an exam the day after that day. I was in the living room, watching TV with my friends. It was night. My mind was still thinking about past, future, and present.

My friend was surprised when suddenly I said:

"Argh! I regret it !!!!"

"Why?" My friend asked.

"I regret now because of not learning, so can’t do the test well tomorrow!..."

"Huh?" (Looks surprised) "haha, so you prepadid your regret? haha"

Yes, this dialogue into a joke dialogue, but actually I was serious, I was getting "time travel" into the future in my mind, the future that I regret the past which is now, and daydreaming to be able to change it for the exam. Eh .. wait ..

*durungdung Snap Snap Cletek Jder! (Thinking brain)

THE PAST IS RIGHT NOW!! ... Syuuuttt ... I went back from the future into the present. "Yes! I can change it!" Usually I'm daydreaming to change the past that can’t be changed, but this time I could change it because the past is the present.

Right then I went straight to my room, studying. It was quite difficult to learn. I closed my eyes and traveling to the future again...

"Finally.. the exam is completed .. Phew .. It was not bad, I was trying maximally yesterday, I hope the result will be satisfying .."

Syuuuut, .. I went back into the present. "Huft! I had to learn the maximum now! Do the best!!"

Yes, that's the beginning of the invention. I was realized, I have found...

TIME MACHINE! (Using doraemon voice)

This is a time machine that I had always dreamed of. With this time machine, we can realize the importance of our present time. How many blessings that we get this time (when I had proven "time travel" into the future, in the future, I'm thinking about my past that is present, from beautiful until the times of trouble, exam, and difficult trials, trials of love, and others that become memories, which is different from the current life problems of the future). * LOL, this is confusing... haha

By this time the machine is expected to avoid any regrets. if we had "time travel" into the past, we can not change anything, but we can take lessons from our experiences.

Thankful for what you have, life is a gift, still live this life, do your best... (d'masiv - jangan menyerah)

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present



Yeah that's how it works. Even if the reality is different, be assured Allah give you the best for us.

yea yeah, I know, it sounded like fighting a destiny that we must not do, but I think this time machine is not like that, it's different, I don't know, I can't explain it ..

Invention name: TIME MACHINE

Inventor: Galina Jaya Kusumah

Price: free

Download link: the brain itself (download the server: the brain itself)

Stock: one man one.

Fuel: brain nutrition, endeavor, prayer, and trust.

How to use:

1. Close your eyes (for a pro, it's no need to)

2. Specify the destination time.

3. Please use your own creativity to imagine what happen at that time and take the lessons to be learned

eg: into the future, in the future that we're daydreaming about the past that is present. Well, that past can be changed. it could be motivation.

4. Trust (which must first be coupled with efforts and prayer)

Few things to note about future: (5 cases before 5 cases)

1. healthy before the illness.

2. Young before old.

3. Rich before poor.

4. Have much time before recessive


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